When I was a small child, I somehow earned the nickname “Lollygager” from my parents.

This nickname does not fit me as an adult, as I’m solidly Type A, OCD, five-minutes-early, to-do-list-making and calendar-color-coder. Perhaps I overcompensated.

What I do find is that if I don’t have a clear, measurable goal, I push things aside. Not out of laziness, exactly, but out of lagging motivation and a sense that if it’s not “for” something, it’s hard to do.

Like writing.

As I get older, I’m trying to┬ácondition the part of my brain that always has to have a goal to calm down a bit, live in the moment, and be okay doing things just because I like them.

But because I am who I am, I find safety and comfort in tracking, making milestones, setting deadlines, and planning.

That puts me in the enigmatical space of planning my fun because planning is fun.

This blog started out as a place for me to write about running. Because I’m not an elite runner or a coach, I quickly ran out of things to say about running and found more to say about the things I think about when I’m running. It’s now become the place where the little voices inside my head live, and the place that helps me set goals for releasing them from my brain, converting them into an energy that helps me understand myself and the world better.

Welcome to the random world that is my brain.